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I was born and raised in the Syracuse area, and ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in creating digital content. I spent a lot of time online as a child, watching the video content other people created and always wanted to do the same. I started a YouTube channel when I was 13 years old, where I wrote, produced, and edited comedy sketches. Throughout middle and high school, I took every opportunity I could to make videos for school projects and take classes on multimedia production.

Education &


I graduated SUNY Plattsburgh with a dual major in Digital Media Production and TV-Video Production, in addition to being part of the honors program. Studying at Plattsburgh has allowed me to expand my skillsets in video production, audio production, video/audio editing, graphic design, motion graphics, live TV production, and web design.


As a member of Plattsburgh State Television, I have gained experience working on live broadcasts and live-to-tape productions which are aired on both cable and YouTube. I directed and created animated graphics for the PSTV make-up competition reality show 'Beat It.'


For much of my college career, I was the Multimedia Editor for Cardinal Points, SUNY Plattsburgh's student newspaper. I have created several videos to promote issues of the paper on social media and videos that report on local and campus news, along with a web series and podcast. I was elected as the paper's Multimedia Editor for three consecutive semesters and I have performed additional responsibilities in PR and social media management.


As a Digital Content Creator Intern at Assured Information Security, I created videos, graphics, and animations for AIS social media and internal communication channels. My internship also gave me valuable experience working in the cybersecurity industry to create within a brand identity and promote commercial products.


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